Book 2 Title and Character Reveal





And thank you Ollie for sleeping the whole time!

I just had some undivided, quiet, focused time to hash out book 2. (Thank you Dad for watching Em!)

I am EXCITED! So I thought I’d share some excitement with y’all. Here it goes:

The title of book 2 is officially: The Remnant


Working hard in my writing cave…it’s not really this dark haha

Did you get goosebumps? Oh God is good and He has inspired a thrilling story in my heart I can’t wait to share. In fact, I think I can share a little bit about a new character without giving too much away 😉

Mark Jacobson

Recognize that last name? That’s right, he’s related to Phil! Mark is Phil’s cousin and he won’t just be making an appearance in The Remnant. Mark is a new character you will get to connect with and love along with Chrissi, Phil, Lesia and Kesil. He joins the group in their search for Kesil and lends quite a bit of wisdom and knowledge to their journey with King Roi. See, Mark’s parents are the aunt and uncle we are told about in The Reconciling. Phil loves when they visit because they share stories from the Book, tales of the legendary King Roi and hope of his return.

Growing up, Mark has heard the same and he, himself has a new name! So Mark is coming to live with Phil as his parents are going to another a country for awhile. They want Mark to finish school (he’s in the same grade as Kesil, let’s hear it for those seniors!), not to mention where they’re going is a little dangerous.


On to prologue and chapter 1!

I hope that peaks your interest as much as mine! I can’t wait to get to writing this week.

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Signing out and digging deeper into my writing cave. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Book 2 Title and Character Reveal

  1. I am excited about the second book coming out this year…. keep up the great work! I’m so amazed with two littles that you can continue writing..perhaps I need to give you a weekly visit to sit while you can focus and just write!

    Liked by 1 person

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