The Remnant Exclusive Content – New Character Reveal



Hey everyone!

While I’m working away at getting book 2, The Remnant, to you I thought I’d take a little break and give you a little glimpse into a new character in the book 🙂

Here it goes…

We meet young Christopher Lackland through Kesil (yes Kesil), though this 15-year-old is nothing at all like our fellow in distress. No, not at all. Christopher is super intelligent, loves technology and computers and physical exertion is definitely not on his priority list.

At 15 he can probably test out of high school if he wants to. He’s pale with dark-blonde hair that is constantly in his eyes, which are light blue and behind glasses. Freckles dot his thin face. He moves too slowly for most, taking his time getting anywhere but also enjoying the view along the way.

He’s the kind of friend you want to have, even if his jokes are always quirky and rarely funny. He knows how to laugh at himself and when to let up. He enjoys life as much as he can, even in difficult times.

You can expect to see Christopher in The Remnant but also really get to know him in book 3.

I can’t wait to share the next part of this adventure with you guys! Stay tuned for details about beta-readers and my super-awesome-huge-fun online release party! I’ve got several authors on board already and many, many, many great prizes to celebrate the release of The Remnant in March 2017!

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Until next time readers,

Happy reading 😉


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